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Wildlife Taxidermy S.C.
Deer Processing
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$35.00 on all Deer Processing

Come by Wildlife Taxidermy for you deer processing needs. We charge $15.00 dollars for skinning and $35.00 for processing on any size deer. No mater what size.There will be extra charge on all link sausage Its .40 lbs. But every thing else is one price.We are fast so we ask all of our custmers, When your meat is ready it must be picked up when we call you at the same day. To find us click on the link location that is a big help for our customers. We also have a system that we go by.When you have a deer to be processes we ask you to beep us on our beeper and beside your phone number put how many deer that your bring in. Example 600-1932 1. This will let us know so we dont have to stop doing what we are doing and call that person. when you put the amount beside the number we know thats a person who called thats bring us a deer.Our beeper number is # 600-3291.

3636 Whippoorwill Rd Effingham SC 29541